Update Your Locks Without The Hassle

Update Your Locks Without The Hassle

Consider re-keying services in Midlothian, Richmond, Virginia Beach, and surrounding areas

Losing a key isn't just a minor inconvenience. Any stranger could find your key and use it to gain access to your home or place or business. But you don't have to go through a major renovation to get reliable security. With re-keying services from LOCKS101, you can update your locks without replacing them.

Our locksmith will change the pins in your locks to create a new, unique combination. Then, you'll receive new keys that match. The result is an updated security system without a complicated lock replacement. Set up re-keying services by contacting our Midlothian, VA office today.

Need more keys?

If everyone in your family is on a different schedule, passing your keys around can get complicated. Key duplication services will make your life more convenient. You can...

  • Make a key for everyone in your household so nobody has to share
  • Give extra keys to pet sitters, cleaners or relatives
  • Create backups so you aren't out of luck if you lose your key

Schedule key duplication services when you call 804-920-2232 today.